About ZONER software, a.s.

ZONER software, a.s. is a major software developer and distributor, as well as a prominent internet services provider with a focus on web presence and e-commerce services. This company is headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic, and has branches in Slovakia, Hungary, Japan, and the USA. It contains four divisions-software, Internet, e-commerce, and publishing-each with its own director, and with a a CEO directing the company overall.

Software Division

The software division was founded in 1993, with the aim at the time of developing new graphics software available in Czech, for Czechs. Thanks to its quality and its successes nationally, this software began selling abroad as well, and today our software is known to users in Germany, Japan, Great Britain, the USA, Italy, France, and many other countries. Among the most popular applications are the barcoding software Zoner Barcode Studio, the Zoner Draw vector graphics editor, and, above all, the highly successful all-in-one digital photography software Zoner Photo Studio.

Internet Services Division

The Internet Services Division was founded in 1996. The core of the division is Czechia, the Czech Republic’s oldest and also foremost web hosting service. Our current portfolio also includes server hosting and server housing in a company-owned data center, as well as web design and certification services. Meanwhile Zoner inShop, our system for building and operating web shops, became the most used non-free e-commerce solution in the country within three months after release, and has retained that position to this day. In September of 1999, the division first released the web magazine, which quickly became a national go-to point for information on web design, web graphics, and e-commerce.

Zoner Press Division

In 2004, ZONER software, a.s. decided to broaden its customer appeal by broadening its activities-by founding the Zoner Press publishing house. It primarily publishes computer literature, with a focus on graphics and the Web.

Its flagship series, ENCYKLOPEDIE WEBDESIGNERA (A Web Designer’s Encyclopedia), is made for anyone involved in web design. Readers know they can count on these books for both practical guides and in-depth information…and for something worth having at hand every day.

Also noteworthy is the series named ENCYKLOPEDIE - GRAFIKA A DIGITÁLNÍ FOTOGRAFIE (The Encyclopedia of Graphics and Digital Photography). The publications in this series are welcomed by any reader who takes an interest in graphics software and photography. There are books here for everyone from professional graphic designers to amateur photographers.

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