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In February of 2004, Zoner Software decided to make its product line more comprehensive by founding a publishing division: the Zoner Press publishing house. In its early years, this publisher focused on computer literature, specifically books about the Web, programming, security, and graphics. Zoner Press achieved a firm place on the Czech book market primarily through its photography series, with titles for photographers of all levels, from beginners to very advanced amateurs and even professionals.

Zoner Press is constantly and closely watching the directions that photography is taking, and responds quickly to developments in the field. Among its publishing successes are the full set of Bryan Peterson’s well-loved works, the best-selling books of Scott Kelby and Michael Freeman, and a series of professional-quality publications on Adobe Photoshop. Its books presenting the work of the foremost Czech photographers have also seen great acclaim.

In 2007, Zoner Press added a new hobby-oriented series named Naučte se kreslit... (Learn to Draw...). These practical guides show how to draw a variety of subjects, from animals to the human body to dragons, anime characters and more.

In 2008, the division broadened its activities yet again and began publishing comics and manga. Zoner Press very quickly brought to market a wide range of such work for audiences young and old. Spurred on by readers’ great interest, they have continued publishing comics titles regularly. They publish a new title every other Thursday. When choosing titles to translate and working to expand distribution, the editors take much of their inspiration from the reader discussions, opinions, tips, and wishes that appear in the Manga Zoner Facebook group. In return, readers can rely on this group for the latest updates on Zoner Press’s manga publishing.

The publisher’s Zoner Fantasy edition, meanwhile, offers readers two trilogies from world-renowned author Trudi Canavan and a number of works from well-known Czech authors.

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