The Internet Division

Zoner Software’s Internet Division was founded in 1996. It immediately began offering web hosting services under the brand name CZECHIA.COM, originally with the aim of helping Czech companies promote themselves abroad, and especially in America, thanks to US-based servers. But as soon as 1997, our suite expanded to include web hosting services—including domain registration—relying on servers of our own in the Czech Republic. In 2001, we became the country’s first specialized web hosting provider and set up our own data center.

Although our company registers many domains via partners, it is an accredited registrar of CZ domain names (CZ.NIC) since 2003. Since 2005, it is also an accredited registrar of EU domains (EURid). It is an accredited Slovak domain name registrar as well.

Today, CZECHIA.COM is one of the main providers of Internet services in the former Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. Our services are offered to tens of thousands of clients and include 24/7 technical support. That’s why our clients rely on us for websites that serve literally millions of visitors every day.

The Internet Division’s Main Projects


This was first professional web host in the Czech Republic—established 1996. It offers high-quality web hosting and domain registration for individuals and companies. CZECHIA.COM is always adding new services to its suite, and is a trend-setting web services provider.


This project offers registration of internet domains across a wide variety of TLDs (CZ, EU, SK, COM, NET, and more) and automatic domain administration. It was founded in fall of 2003 after our company successfully applied to become an accredited registrar of CZ domains.


inPage is a modern web content creation and administration system. It offers clients a complete, start-to-finish package including a domain, web hosting, an e-shop, and e-mail.


Zoner inShop is one of the most widely used e-shop solutions in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. The inShop system can be used for sales both to end customers and to distributors. The wide range of sales and marketing features in inShop make it an ideal professional e-business solution.


Project offers in one place an overview of all SSL certificates from internationally recognized certification authorities like Thawte, Symantec (formerly VeriSign), GeoTrust or RapidSSL. It also includes administration for customers, which provides practical orders overview and orders administration.


Project specializes to very high available cloud-based services, mainly to offer powerful and cheap virtual servers, that you get in 55 seconds. Other services focus to offer data space, computing power and individual e-mail services.

Zoner Cloud


Linux Plus

Linux Plus

The Linux Plus web hosting variant offers both companies and individuals of all types an opportunity to have a web presence.

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