The Newly Updated ZPS X Is Faster, Easier To Use, and Contains New Features

20. September 2023 | News Press Releases (19 September 2023 Brno, Czech Republic) – The new fall update for Zoner Photo Studio X brings better performance for newer and older computers, a cleaner user interface, and new photo editing features. 

GPU acceleration: Graphics cards mean faster editing 

Zoner Photo Studio X now makes the most of the power of your graphics card. Even a gaming GPU that is several generations old can cut the average photo export time in half, depending on CPU performance.  

Optimized for low-end hardware

Not everyone can afford computers with gaming graphics cards or the latest processor. That’s why the developers of ZPS X have optimized the entire process of loading and editing photos. This results in a smoother editing experience and faster photo processing overall without losing any preview quality.

Modify colors with 3D LUT

Zoner Photo Studio X now supports 3D LUT. This technology from the film industry goes beyond the capabilities of ordinary presets and allows you to dramatically change the color rendition of a photo. In addition, applying custom 3D LUTs does not change the default values of individual settings, so it is a great starting point for further photo editing.   

New toolbar and better navigation 

The new toolbar available in all modules of ZPS X combines navigation with frequently used tools so they are always near the photo itself. In keeping with best practice, this toolbar is also completely customizable. 

Local adjustments now available for all tools

The fall update expands the range of tools available for local adjustments in the Develop module. You can now make local adjustments to white balance, polarization, noise reduction, and many other adjustments.   

Save time with default settings for editing in RAW

Users can now easily edit the default settings for any settings group, such as Exposure. They can also manage these default settings for multiple cameras. This saves time by not having to do repetitive edits, allowing photographers to focus on perfecting their final product.  

More new features to boost workflow

ZPS X users editing videos will appreciate the new smooth speed control and the ability to rewind and use batch selection for keyframes. Users designing photo books and other photo products will welcome the ability to keep track of changes to their photos and automatically track any time they move their photos to a new folder.    Everyone can test out the new features in Zoner Photo Studio X by downloading the 7-day trial version. This includes users who have previously tried ZPS X.
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