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We protect your and your data

We protect your data. We provide you with SSL certificates from renowned certification authorities, we protect you from spam and secure your communication. There are green locks wherever you look.

Data transmission security applies to all Internet users. ZONER a.s. recognizes the importance of data security on the Internet and offers its customers secure web hosting, email and other Internet security products such as SSL / TLS certificates or anti-virus protection. CZECHIA.COM web hosting customers can use the complete security of transmission channels on the Internet free of charge.

ZONER a.s. is the largest certificate issuer in Central Europe and only sells the products of the fully trustworthy and best-known certification authorities DigiCert / Symantec. With the range and quality of our services, we can boast the highest degree of partnership with DigiCert Certified Partner Platinum Elite.

Our projects
Encryption using SSL / TLS certificates is essential for Internet communication. It is encrypted not only because of GDPR, but also for protection against interception and for communicators’ authentication. The certificate is required for every web or server, but not every site manager knows enough about this topic. We help everyone get a certificate and secure data transmitted over the Internet. We are the largest seller of SSL / TLS certificates in Central Europe and have the most experienced customer support that can solve any problem.
Zoner antivirus protects users from Internet threats. The main advantage of Zoner Antivirus is the heuristic detection of 0day risk and user protection by controlling the most frequently exploited distribution channels, such as email and internet browsers. In addition to cloud protection for emails against infected attachments, you can use the desktop anti-virus software to address threats not yet detected by other products. We have also created the popular Android app, which has a number of additional features besides phone protection.
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