Fresh Batch of Spring Updates for Zoner Photo Studio X

21. March 2023 | Press Releases The ZPS X Spring Update brings native support for over 1,200 camera lenses, up to twice the speed for loading RAW images, improved workflow with multiple monitors, major upgrades to the Video module, and dozens of other improvements and enhancements.  

Native support for camera lenses 

Zoner Photo Studio X now corrects distortion, chromatic aberration, and vignetting for most frequently-used lenses, eliminating the need to install any add-ons. The list of supported lenses continues to expand. Users can select their lens and enable automatic correction in the Camera and Lens section of the Develop module.  

Twice the speed for loading RAW images and higher-quality processing 

Thanks to a significantly faster demosaicing process and other image processing optimizations, the spring update delivers nearly twice the speed for loading RAW images. The larger the RAW and the higher the resolution, the more noticeable the difference will be. This upgrade affects all aspects of working with RAW images, including initial opening, repeated opening, import, export, and indexing in the Catalog.   Along with faster speeds, the preview quality in the Develop and Manager modules has also been improved. The processing of details in photos with high digital noise has also been optimized.  

New dual-monitor modes 

The option for using a second monitor has also undergone major changes. ZPS X now offers two modes that supplement what’s happening on the main monitor. Get more space for previewing photos that are being edited or more space for the Browser to move between files. Ultrawide monitors are also supported. 

Major upgrade to the Video module

Transforming clips and keyframes bring new possibilities to video editing. Users can use both to create unique animations and transitions, as well as display multiple clips at a single time. There’s also the added ability to preload video files, like has been possible for RAW files for a long time, for faster subsequent editing. Video files across the entire program can be previewed by simply hovering over the thumbnails. 

Client selection in the Zonerama online gallery

Zonerama has added another improvement to the photographer user experience. Clients can now select and label photos directly in Zonerama without logging in. The photographer shares a special link with their client. The client can then select photos for further editing. Photographers see the selected photos directly in Zoner Photo Studio X linked to Zonerama. This eliminates the need for any third-party programs.

Updates to the Develop module

The option to add luma-adaptive grain delivers more realistic results with a stronger resemblance to actual film. The option to scale copied filter masks makes it easier to apply presets to photos with different resolutions. We are continuing in our goal to customize the program to meet users’ needs. You can now rearrange the order of settings groups like Exposure, Color Shift, and others in the Develop module.  

Improvements in photo management and other new program features

Updates this year also include the option to auto advance to the next photo after rating, rotate icons on thumbnails, structured keywords, support for times shorter than one second when sorting photos, improved slideshows, and the addition of an export time metadata token.   The spring update also includes several improvements to the user interface and native support for 50% more cameras compared to last fall’s update.  Users can try the new features in Zoner Photo Studio X by downloading the 30-day trial version. Those who have already surpassed their trial period receive an additional 15 days of full access to all functions. 
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