This autumn’s Zoner Photo Studio X: More local edits, the new Luma curve, and file variants

15. September 2020 | News Press Releases

This autumn’s update to Zoner Photo Studio X, the universal photo manager and editor, has focused on the Develop module, bringing in local color editing, the new Luma curve, and multiple editing variants for a single photo.

Color shifting—now available as local edits

With the autumn update, users can newly adjust colors in just a selected part of a picture they’re developing. That’s because we’ve added Tone Curve and Color Shift to the tools that can be used locally, and we’ve made mask opacity configurable. Have a photo with two red cars and want to turn just one of them blue? No problem.

One photo, different variants

Now users can try out many versions of an edit without having to pointlessly duplicate the original. Just create a photo variant—basically a virtual copy that needs almost no disk space. You might stick to basic edits in the original photo, edit one variant using a preset, and fine-tune another with Split Toning. Meanwhile it’s easy to keep track of variants, because you can give them names, tags, and ratings.

Configurable preset strength

Presets are a popular feature in Zoner Photo Studio X, but they aren’t a 100% fit for a photographer’s ideas 100% of the time. So we’ve added a way to control preset intensity, to let users decide for themselves how strongly to apply a preset.

The new Luma curve

We’re also introducing the new Luma curve in this update. It’s better at preserving colors’ original saturation levels during adjustments. Users will especially appreciate it for portraits, where they don’t want to influence the saturation of skin tones. It’s also now easier to switch among curves and enter nodes’ values manually. So photo editing is more convenient than ever.


The new automatic line straightening can do quite a bit of work in a photographer’s place. This feature, developed in cooperation with Brno University of Technology, can detect lines in a photo and use them to straighten it. What’s more, in its smart mode, it can automatically decide how strongly it can straighten without excessively deforming the picture.

Easier Orientation for Finished Edits

One small but very useful new feature is the indicators shown when changes have been made to a photo. All the tools, curves, and color edits can now appear with an indicator dot. It reminds users of what they’ve changed in a picture.

Better Photo Products

In the Create module, we’re responding to customer demand by bringing in new page layouts and quick assembly of photo books just by dragging photos in from the Filmstrip. Zoner Photo Studio X saves time and money too, because customers can now buy multiple products under one shipping fee.

Everyone can try Zoner Photo Studio X for free for a month. But even if that month has run out, they can try the autumn update for 15 days.

This year, Zoner is celebrating 27 years since its founding. Throughout all these years, it’s been bringing photographers new solutions from Zoner Photo Studio to the Zonerama online gallery to the Learn Photography learning center. (In its home country, the Czech Republic, it is also a leading publisher of photography books—and a leading ISP and e-shop and web presence provider as well.) Headquartered in the heart of Europe, this company employs over 100 people both throughout the continent and in the USA and Japan.

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