Zoner Photo Studio X 2022: Tailor made for you

18. March 2022 | News Press Releases Zoner Photo Studio X, the versatile digital asset manager and photo editor brings a brand new dose of spring updates. This time the developers focused on customization of the program and allowing photographers to edit according to their own needs. 

Personalizing your UI

This year’s spring update raises the bar with previews of photographs and their thumbnails. “As more photographers find their way to Zoner Photo Studio X, we get more requests about progressing the program’s interface. Some prefer a minimalist environment, where the photo is the focus and others prefer a lot more data when editing,” says Jan Kupčík, product manager at Zoner Photo Studio. These very different needs are the catalyst for this spring update. To start, the possibilities of adjusting the previews when browsing photographs in the Manager module have been greatly expanded. Everything from the background color through the rating labels to various methods of displaying metadata directly or below the preview has been thoughtfully considered. Users can now easily customize all this using the display configurator.  Thumbnails that users come across throughout the program have also received similar treatment. It’s now possible to rate photos with a single click and select what information (labels, metadata) is shown, including the file name. 

New viewer and slideshow

The Viewer has also been significantly improved. In addition to greater raw file support and quick previews, it now offers the same custom options as the previously mentioned image previews. Also, the look and information displayed can now be set separately for the viewer & slideshow mode.  Slideshow support has also been expanded. You can now control oscillating between photographs with your mouse buttons, select various blending effects and more conveniently control video clip playback.

Manage your photos faster

The spring update simplifies the use of quick previews. Based on your criteria, ZPS X now selects the best source for either preview speed or display quality.  The ZPS X catalog has been optimized which saves thumbnails more efficiently in the preview cache and results in less disk space needed and even faster thumbnail loading.  “We also try to pay attention to the details to save users unnecessary downtime. For example, we now support display transparency in thumbnails directly in the Manager module so users don’t have to open the Editor module just to check if the file has a transparent background,” Jan Kupčík demonstrates on how to speed up your workflow.

The new Print and Video modules

With upcoming plans regarding the printing of photo projects and especially the development of video processing, users will no longer find the purple Create module in ZPS X. Instead, it has been replaced by two separate modules, Print for creating photo products and the video module is self explanatory.  In addition, several new features have been added to the video module. The first is being able to easily export a selected image from a video. This function is useful for creating previews for YouTube, Rumble and similar services. Also, there are two new modes for adding clips between clips that are already placed on the timeline.

Zonerama is expanding to US soils 

The free and unlimited gallery Zonerama has undergone further development, offering photographers a place to present their work, free. Those with followers and fans in North America will welcome the fact that Zonerama will now have its own data center in Florida. This allows viewers to upload and view photos from overseas regions much faster. This has no effect on European users.   Everyone can try Zoner Photo Studio X for one month free of charge. And, users whose trial has already expired have an additional 15 trial days to experiment with the new features in this update. Zoner Photo Studio has received the prestigious TIPA World Award as the best photo processing software in the last year. The Expert Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) has also awarded ZPS X with the best photography software of the year.  
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