Zoner Photo Studio X Spring Update: Improved video clips and more effective photo editing

9. March 2021 | News Press Releases

Zoner Photo Studio X, the comprehensive program for organizing and editing photos, brings a number of new options for creating videos and editing more efficiently with new keyboard shortcuts in its spring update. 

Focused on video

In the spring update, we’ve focused on improving the creation of videos. Besides video editing, it is now possible to make image adjustments to a video clip. We’ve added the Adjustments panel with white balance, exposure, and other settings. The user can continue to work in the interface they are familiar with from the Develop module.

It is now possible to copy edits from one video clip to another, easily compare before and after versions, and apply batch edits to a larger number of clips. Thanks to new keyboard shortcuts, more precise trimming of clips, and a more intuitive video timeline, video editing will not only be faster, but easier too.

Faster photo editing

We concentrated on the efficiency of photo editing too. For instance, do you want to edit a large number of images to be used on your website? Enhance just one photo and copy over the edits from the clipboard to the other photos in the folder using the new button or keyboard shortcuts.

Choose the best photo

With the new spring update, comparing details of photos side-by-side is a piece of cake. When selecting more images, aside from automatic layout, the photographer can choose between side-by-side or stacked layout, which is suitable for tablets. When comparing multiple photos, you can now easily work with cropping – the program remembers the crop adjustment even when zooming.

Tracking changes in the catalog

The Catalog now carefully keeps track of each change you make and processes these changes much faster than before. In addition, the user can customize the settings of this management tool and can expect better support from Microsoft OneDrive.

Apple iCloud support

The spring update includes support of Apple iCloud storage. The photographer can access the images directly in the navigator of Zoner Photo Studio and upload edited photos back to the cloud without needing to exit the program.

Stylish blurred background

It is no longer necessary to compromise quality when cropping photos to share on Instagram or install questionable apps that create frames. The spring update presents the option to create square formats with blurred backgrounds in a matter of a few clicks, or even all at once.

Zonerama directly on your website

A new feature that saves time and stress for many photographers is the display of photos from Zonerama directly on their blog or website via embedded element. The photographer chooses which photos they want to display on their webpage, inputs a generated code, and in a matter of a few moments, they have an elegant portfolio with a number of settings options at their disposal.

Anyone can try Zoner Photo Studio X free for the period of one month. Users who have already surpassed the trial period have the option to try out the new features for 15 days.


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