The Zoner Photo Studio X Fall Update: Bringing the Biggest Changes to the Develop Module Since the Launch of ZPS X

14. September 2021 | News Press Releases (Brno, Czech Republic) – Zoner Photo Studio X, the multi-faceted photo editing software has released its Fall Update bringing faster than ever photo processing, more convenient video editing, and higher-quality videos in Zonerama.

A remarkably faster Develop module

The Develop Module has seen its biggest improvements since ZPS X’s beginnings. We’ve developed a new engine that makes editing photos faster than ever before. The redesigned Develop module handles more complicated edits better than ever – the more settings the user changes, the more noticeable the changes in speed are.

Higher-quality edits and brand-new settings

ZPS X users will experience improved workflow with the most commonly-used functions in the Develop module. Photographers will achieve dramatically better results thanks to a wider range of options and new Exposure settings.

New Blacks and Whites settings work with the lightest and darkest tones in the picture. Users can now correct an overly dark background with more precision, without impacting other dark areas of the photo. The new Texture function brings out even the finest details by adding contrast. It’s perfect for emphasizing things such as blades of grass, a bird’s feather, or fabric patterns, for example.

Lights and Shadows also received their fair share of improvements in the update. Users can now edit them with significantly better results. You’ll get more details out of the shadows without the risk of unattractive washed-out colors. Photographers no longer need to be afraid of bolder photo editing, as we’ve worked diligently to remove unwanted image artifacts. Individual settings now work together better than before. For instance, Lights and Shadows when used with Exposure deliver significantly better results than the competition.

We’ve listened to user’s requests and completely redesigned the Reduce Noise function. It is now more user-friendly and guarantees improved noise reduction that’s so much faster that we added light noise reduction to the default processing of RAW photos.

Improved video editing

Zoner Photo Studio X didn’t overlook video editing in the update. Zoner prides itself on the versatility of its software which is why the Create module also offers video editing. The Fall Update brings more sophisticated video editing.

When moving clips on the timeline, the user can now see the effect of the operation being performed in real time. This makes it much easier to move a large number of tracks. Another new feature is the ability to adjust the height of a video track or specify the insert mode for each track separately. Batch editing of transition effects is also an enormous timesaver.

The user will find the video’s basic video information directly in the right panel of the Manager module, can easily distinguish it from photographs at first glance, and will see the footage in the thumbnail. The video can also be easily rotated in a single click without any loss of quality.

Support for AVIF

With its Fall Update, Zoner Photo Studio X offers support for the cutting-edge AV1 image format, backed by such giants as Google, Netflix, and Microsoft. AVIF stands out because of its high quality yet lower data consumption compared to the more widespread JPEG format. AVIF is supported by a number of web browsers and now Zoner Photo Studio X is prepared as AVIF expands further into the market.

Zonerama’s video revolution

In Zonerama, users can now play back videos in higher quality than found on YouTube and upload to Zonerama in up to 4K resolution. Zonerama is also the first online gallery in the world to experimentally support AV1 format.

The user can now resize the displayed photos, choose from new layout options in rows, or choose margins for their Zonerama albums. Photographers will then save time when setting up a new gallery as they can now easily copy settings from an already existing gallery.

Zoner Photo Studio X offers a one-month trial version to anyone who wants to try it. For those that have already surpassed their trial period, there is the option to test out the new features for a period of 15 days. 

In 2021, Zoner Photo Studio was named Best Imaging Software by the prestigious TIPA World Awards. EISA (Expert Imaging and Sound Association) also named ZPS X Best Photography Software of the year for 2021-2022.

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