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3. Mar

This spring’s Zoner Photo Studio beats the competition at color editing

The 2020 Spring Update to Zoner Photo Studio—the universal photo management and editing software—brings users complete control over a photo’s colors, faster work in the Develop module, and advanced features in the Zonerama online gallery. Color shifting: rebuilt and best-of-class For quick color shifts, Zoner Photo Studio X now offers a Basic mode with a […]

17. Sep

The Zoner Photo Studio X Autumn Update: New Export, Flawless Color Management, and Free-form Collages

This year’s Autumn Update to the versatile Zoner Photo Studio photo manager and editor brings users a new export window, improved color management, and free-form collages. Faster, Smarter Photo Exports With the Autumn Update, users have a robust tool where they can export photos much more efficiently than before. Export can now produce multiple exports […]

3. Apr

Zoner Photo Studio X Spring Update: Fast work with RAWs and Face-aware Liquify with A.I. detection

The Spring Update to the all-in-one photo editing and management software Zoner Photo Studio X significantly speeds up workflow with RAW files, provides effective management of RAW + JPEG files, presents Face-aware Liquify with facial recognition thanks to A.I. and enhances the recently added video editor. Fast preview and Smart RAW: lighting-fast RAW workflow Zoner […]

11. Sep

Zoner Photo Studio X Adds Full-fledged Video Editing and Exportable Presets

The Fall Update to the all-in-one photo editing and management software Zoner Photo Studio X introduces a redesign of its video creator with 4K Ultra HD output, better work with presets including export, and integration of Zoner Photo Cloud of the Catalog. Create Advanced 4K Ultra HD Video “We strive to bring our users a […]

26. Jun

Zoner Photo studio X introduces Zoner Photo Cloud: Personal Online Storage That’s Made for Photographers

In its summer update, the versatile photo manager and editor Zoner Photo Studio X is introducing new photographer-focused personal online storage: Zoner Photo Cloud. It comes with 5 GB free for every user. The Photo Cloud That’s Different Zoner Photo Cloud is specialized for work with photos, but you can files of any type to […]

29. Mar

Zoner Photo Studio X Bringing Much Faster RAW Work and AI to Find Faces in Pictures

The universal photo editing and management software Zoner Photo Studio X just got even better. Its Spring Update brings a load of new presets and a major speedup to RAW file loading. Layers now get more space in the Editor, and work with them is smoother thanks to layer groups and group edits. Our developers […]

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