16. Apr

Zoner Photo Studio X spring update: The World’s Best HDR Photo Editing

The popular photo editor comes with a revolutionary new feature for working with HDR photos, new features for editing images and videos and many other improvements.  Working with true HDR photos The Zoner Photo Studio team is among the first in the world to introduce full support for true HDR photo editing. Starting with the […]

20. Sep

The Newly Updated ZPS X Is Faster, Easier To Use, and Contains New Features

(19 September 2023 Brno, Czech Republic) – The new fall update for Zoner Photo Studio X brings better performance for newer and older computers, a cleaner user interface, and new photo editing features.  GPU acceleration: Graphics cards mean faster editing  Zoner Photo Studio X now makes the most of the power of your graphics card. […]

18. Mar

Zoner Photo Studio X 2022: Tailor made for you

Zoner Photo Studio X, the versatile digital asset manager and photo editor brings a brand new dose of spring updates. This time the developers focused on customization of the program and allowing photographers to edit according to their own needs.  Personalizing your UI This year’s spring update raises the bar with previews of photographs and […]

14. Sep

The Zoner Photo Studio X Fall Update: Bringing the Biggest Changes to the Develop Module Since the Launch of ZPS X

(Brno, Czech Republic) – Zoner Photo Studio X, the multi-faceted photo editing software has released its Fall Update bringing faster than ever photo processing, more convenient video editing, and higher-quality videos in Zonerama. A remarkably faster Develop module The Develop Module has seen its biggest improvements since ZPS X’s beginnings. We’ve developed a new engine […]

16. Aug

It is our pleasure to announce that Zoner Photo Studio X has won the EISA PHOTO SOFTWARE 2021-2022 award.

Zoner Photo Studio X, the all-in-one photo editing software based in Brno, Czech Republic has yet again defied the odds against the industry giants by winning another of the world’s most renowned awards in the photography industry. That is, The EISA PHOTO SOFTWARE 2021-2022 award. If you weren’t already familiar with EISA (The Expert Imaging […]

20. May

Zoner Photo Studio X becomes the first Czech product to receive a prestigious TIPA World Award

Zoner Photo Studio X, the Brno-based photo editing software, has won one of the world’s most prestigious awards in the photography industry, the TIPA World Awards. It has become the first Czech product to win an award in the TIPA World Awards’ 30-year history. Zoner Photo Studio X, a photo editing program developed in Brno, […]

9. Mar

Zoner Photo Studio X Spring Update: Improved video clips and more effective photo editing

Zoner Photo Studio X, the comprehensive program for organizing and editing photos, brings a number of new options for creating videos and editing more efficiently with new keyboard shortcuts in its spring update.  Focused on video In the spring update, we’ve focused on improving the creation of videos. Besides video editing, it is now possible […]

15. Sep

This autumn’s Zoner Photo Studio X: More local edits, the new Luma curve, and file variants

This autumn’s update to Zoner Photo Studio X, the universal photo manager and editor, has focused on the Develop module, bringing in local color editing, the new Luma curve, and multiple editing variants for a single photo. Color shifting—now available as local edits With the autumn update, users can newly adjust colors in just a […]

5. May

A New Special Update to Zoner Photo Studio Focuses on Photo Books

A new special update to the universal photo management and editing software Zoner Photo Studio X brings users a fresh take on creating photo books, new lay-flat bindings, and further improvements in the program’s Create module. Attractive photo books in just a few clicks? Yes! Users can now create photo books automatically in just one […]

3. Mar

This spring’s Zoner Photo Studio beats the competition at color editing

The 2020 Spring Update to Zoner Photo Studio—the universal photo management and editing software—brings users complete control over a photo’s colors, faster work in the Develop module, and advanced features in the Zonerama online gallery. Color shifting: rebuilt and best-of-class For quick color shifts, Zoner Photo Studio X now offers a Basic mode with a […]

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